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DO NOT WRITE ON THIS SHEET! PUT ALL YOUR ANSWERS ON THE ANSWER SHEET PROVIDED! Issues in Business Ethics (PHI 214) First Quiz “A” (Special Code 000010) Spring 2012 (Marnell) Mark each of the following as either TRUE (column A) or FALSE (column B) -- one point each 1) In the video “Do Unto Others” the panel generally agreed that the young man who cheated on an entrance exam should turn in his friends who cheated. 2) In the video “Do Unto Others” at least some of the panel said they would tell their daughter if they discovered the daughter’s husband was having an affair. 3) In our text and class discussion, it was claimed that moral standards should take priority over other standards, such as self-interest or profits. 4) In our text and class lectures, it was noted that following the law, or following professional codes, can never be considered immoral since all business people have a duty to follow the law in order to protect their business from legal sanctions. 5) In our text, cultural (or ethical) relativism claims that an individual is acting morally if her actions conform to her individual values; there are no general moral rules for people in any society as a whole. 6) Our text claims that some people claim that normal moral principles do not apply to business since it is a kind of game which has its own set of rules. 7) In philosophy, a moral argument involves the presentation of two or more opposing points of view. 8) According to class lectures, the conclusion of a moral argument normally involves a conclusion what ought to be done, not just what to believe. 9) According to our text and class lecture, if a person has sufficient facts about a case, a moral principle is not necessary to reach a sound moral conclusion about what to do when using moral reasoning. 10) In the case of shipping defective good overseas, our text noted that there was some concern that information about the defects of these products would not get to the actual consumers of the products, even if foreign governments were fully informed. 11) In the case of defective goods shipped overseas, the text stated that some people argued that banning products overseas would be a violation of the national sovereignty of other countries. 12) In class discussion of the children’s pajamas case, the instructor noted that the U.S. government had warned the clothing manufacturers not to add the chemicals to the pajamas, but this warning was ignored. 13) In the “A7D Affair” case, the department managers who cooperated in continuing the faulty brake mechanism all lost their jobs after the fraud was revealed. 14) In class discussion of the “A7D Affair” case, it was noted that Sunderman (the chief engineer) should be held partly
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