Anthropology-PS - Anthropology-the study of human culture...

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Anthropology-the study of human culture both in context and in cross-cultural comparisons, and the two disciplines sometimes overlap. Bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, carried by fleas on ship rats from Asia in 1348; It killed about one-third to one-half of the European population and led to mass hysteria, black magic, and increased persecution of the Jews by the terrified survivors Christianity, the second monotheistic religion, grew out of Judaism in the Roman Empire, it was spread especially through the efforts of the missionary, Paul, and later when Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in 312 A.D. Dark Ages, was the early part of the Middle Ages, from the fall of Rome until roughly the 1400s (this was the stories in which King Arthur and Robin hood are set including castles, lords, serfs, knights in armor, legends of dragons, and the building of great Gothic cathedrals with stained glass and flying buttresses) Egyptians- group of people that are famous for their elaborate polytheistic religion, their glorification of the dead with pyramids and mummification, their system of irrigation, and their advances in medicine and astronomy Feudalism was a system that was developed in Europe
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Anthropology-PS - Anthropology-the study of human culture...

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