Discuss the inquiry process-PS

Discuss the inquiry process-PS - Discuss the inquiry...

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Discuss the inquiry process -a method of teaching and learning that makes use of authentic resources in the investigation of meaningful topics and problems 4 steps 1. Emergence- a question or topic emerges from student’s interests and the curriculum 2. Clarification-what we know about the answer or topic and what we do not know about the answer or topic 3. Examination-a systematic effort directed at answering the question or addressing the topic 4. Proposed solution-a proposed answer to the question or response to the topic Types of inquiry in Social Studies 1. Social Science Inquiry-inquiry that involves disciplinary investigations focused on observation, hypothesis generation, data collection, and the proposal of a solution 2. Social Inquiry-inquiry that focuses on the investigation of common problems whose solution will improve the human condition 3. Historical Inquiry-a specific form of asking and answering questions that make use of historical resources and particular methodologies in order to construct an interpretation of the past Def’n: Social Studies -the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence What are the approaches to teaching S.S. 1. Storytelling- is “direct” instruction 2. Investigating- exploration of problems, topics, people, places, events, etc. 3. Deliberating – disposition development toward social problems Content knowledge vs. Subject matter knowledge Content knowledge-scholars in specific fields develop content knowledge, broad, no matter where you are or your profession Subject matter knowledge- that content after it has been re-organized for k-12 settings, important to schools, the broad topic specified to the grade level, Discuss authentic learning -learning about a personally, meaningful problem, set within a social or cultural context
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Discuss the inquiry process-PS - Discuss the inquiry...

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