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EML4304C 1. Water flows through a 60 mm diameter tube that suddenly contracts to 30 mm diameter. The pressure drop across the contraction is 3.4 kPa. Determine the volume flow rate. 2. A pipe friction experiment is to be designed, using water, to reach a Reynolds number of 125,000. The system will use 2.5 inch smooth PVC pipe from a constant-head tank to the flow bench and 50 ft of smooth 1 inch PVC line mounted horizontally for the test section. The water level in the constant-head tank is 2.0 ft above the entrance to the 2.5 in PVC line which is connected to the 1 inch line. Determine the required average speed of the water in the 1 inch pipe.
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Unformatted text preview: Assume T = 70F. Calculate the pressure difference expected between taps 12 feet apart in the horizontal test section. Please work this problem using English units. Do not convert to SI . What is the required height of tank? 3. A hydraulic press is powered by a remote high-pressure pump. The gage pressure at the pump outlet is 22 MPA, whereas the pressure required for the press is 19 MPa (gage), at a flow rate of 0.029 m 3 /min. The press and pump are connected by 55 m of stainless steel tubing. The fluid is SAE 10W oil at 40 C. Determine the minimum tubing diameter that may be used....
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