hw2-1238-key - STA 3024 Homework 2 Section 7459 Form A...

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Unformatted text preview: STA 3024 Homework 2 Section 7459 Form A Name: UFID: This form is only for students whose UFID number begins with 1, 2, 3, or 8. Answer all problems neatly . If you turn in more than one piece of paper, they must be stapled . Work that isnt neat or stapled may lose points. You dont need to turn in this problem listing, but you do need to include your name , UF-ID number , and form code on your homework. For each of the following problems, do the following: State the best type of inference method to use (from the ones covered in the Review 2 slides on the website). State the assumptions and whether or not they are satisfied. Irrespective of whether or not you think they are satisfied, perform the analysis. The only assumption you may assume true if not stated is randomization. Perform a hypothesis test, stating the assumptions, test-statistic value, p-value, and conclusion. Inter- pret the conclusion in the context of the problem. If we went over a confidence interval corresponding to the method you chose, make the 95% confidence interval. Interpet it in the context of the problem. State whether or not you reach the same conclusion from the hypothesis test as the confidence interval. 3 problems 12 points 2 problems 4 points (2 points for right method, 2 points completion) 44 points total 1. total points: 12 A company is investigating a new training program for its employees; the company has recently hired five new people and decides to conduct a study. Three of the new hires are randomly assigned to the new training program; the remaining two participate in the old program. After the program, they take an exam on the material they learned. Their scores are reported below (higher is better). Is there evidence that the new training program performed better than the old? New 23 17 19 Old 12 18 Best Inference Method 2 points Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon U Test (Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test) Assumptions 2 points Data obtained by randomization? Yes Two independent groups? Yes (employees receiving new or old training method have no relationship between each other) Quantitative response? Yes (exam grade) 1 Hypotheses 2 points H : median of new group = median of old group vs....
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hw2-1238-key - STA 3024 Homework 2 Section 7459 Form A...

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