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Meteorites—4/1/08 Meteorites—extraterrestrial material that strikes the surface of the earth Meteoroid—before it hits the earth, when its in the sky o Can travel 60 miles per second in space o Slow down when they hit our atmosphere When it enter the Earth’s atmosphere… o Encounters friction o Causes ionization (glow) violent form of burning o Most burn up completely before they make it to the surface of the earth Examples of meteorites o 1996—Mars Meteorite Found signs of life on the meteorite; protein coat of bacteria o 1954—14 pound meteorite smashed into roof in Alabama…bounced off radio and hit homeowner in the head o Most meteorites found in Antarctica o Leonid Meteor Shower—comes from a comet, little pieces spray off the comet Classification o Stones Formed by: primitive materials in solar nebula (early in solar system history) Composed of: chondrules- minerals found Earth and some amino acids o Stony Irons
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Meteorites4-1 - Meteorites-4/1/08...

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