3135 Fall 2009 Sample Exam

3135 Fall 2009 Sample Exam - YORK UNIVERSITY POLITICAL...

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YORK UNIVERSITY POLITICAL SCIENCE 3135.03(A) PUBLIC LAW I THE CONSTITUTION AND THE COURTS IN CANADA FALL TERM 2009 Sample Final Examination General Instructions Answer one (1) of the following questions: There is no hard and fast rule on how long your answers should be, but you must be prepared to answer the questions attached to the cases fully. This is an open book exam. All study material including laptops can be used as aids in answering these questions. You are allowed to go online to research the internet. As should be evident by now, there often is no uniquely right answer to constitutional disputes. Your task therefore is not to discover the right answer but to compose the best argument you can given what you know of the way analogous cases have been decided. A note of caution: while there may not be a uniquely right answer in constitutional disputes, this is not the same thing as saying that all answers are potentially right. It is patently wrong to claim, for example, that provinces are entitled to set interest rates for this is clearly prohibited by the constitution. Thus, when composing your answers to the exam questions, you must always keep in mind that there are certain
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3135 Fall 2009 Sample Exam - YORK UNIVERSITY POLITICAL...

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