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YORK UNIVERSITY POLITICAL SCIENCE AS 4900 3.0J FALL 2007 LAW, JUSTICE AND POLITICS FINAL EXAM Answer two of the following questions (preferably in typewritten or computer- generated form). Your answers should integrate in a feasible and intelligent fashion insights drawn from the relevant literature discussed in class throughout the term. Your answers will be evaluated in part according to how much of the literature you can draw upon and how well you make the links. Your answer should contain more than just a literature review. The questions invite you to construct an argument and will be assessed according to how well you have developed an argument. There is no hard and fast rule on the appropriate length of your answers, but you should aim to write at least 4-5 double- spaced pages for each question. The exam is worth 20% of the final grade. A hard-copy off your completed exam is due Tuesday, December 11 . Exams can be dropped into the drop-box in the Political Science Department in the Ross Bldg., handed to the Fellows
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