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3025-essay-1-Jan08 - Topics 1 Discuss the ways in which...

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Political Science 3025 3.0 A Century of Revolution Winter 2008 First Essay Assignment (30% of Final Grade) Write a short essay on one of the topics below. This assignment is intended to evaluate your abilities in analysis, synthesis, and the articulation of ideas. No additional research beyond the course readings is required, but you must refer directly to the texts in support of your arguments. Format: 1400-2000 words (6-9 pages). Any standard format may be used in referencing citations. No citation is required for information offered in lectures. With respect to all other issues of acknowledging sources, and academic integrity generally, consult the departmental guidelines attached to the course outline. (If you are not certain when and how to provide citations, ask! ) Violations of academic integrity will be fully prosecuted. Due date: February 28, 2008. You may have an extension of one week by submitting a short written request for it. (No reason is required.)
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Unformatted text preview: Topics: 1. Discuss the ways in which developments in English society and its state contributed to shaping political thought in the early 17 century. In what ways were the conflicts that th informed political theory grounded in specifically English history? 2. Discuss the principles upon which specific constitutional claims were made, on the one hand for absolute royal power, and on the other for democratic rights, during the half century that ended with the execution of Charles I. What counter-arguments and alternative conceptions were put forward by those opposed to both of sets of claims? 3. Discuss the ways in which the issue of private property figured within political thought – directly and indirectly – during the first half of the 17th century. How and why was property a subject in English political theory between James I and the Levellers?...
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