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3025-essay-2-Mar08 - Political Science 3025 3.0 A Century...

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Political Science 3025 3.0 A Century of Revolution Winter 2008 Second Essay Assignment (30% of Final Grade) Write a short essay on one of the topics below. This assignment is intended to evaluate your abilities in analysis, synthesis, and the articulation of ideas. No additional research beyond the course readings is required, but be sure to refer directly to the texts in support of your arguments . Format: 1400-2000 words (7-9 pages), single-sided, double-spaced, with 1" to 1- 1/2" margins to allow for comments. Any standard format may be used in referencing citations. No citation is required for the information offered in lectures. With respect to all other issues of acknowledging sources, and academic integrity generally, consult the departmental guidelines. (If uncertain about when and how to provide citations, ask! ) Violations of academic integrity will be fully prosecuted. Due date: April 1, 2008 (You may have an extension of ONE WEEK, for any reason, if you provide a written request by the due date.) Topics:
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