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3136 Course Syllabus Winter 2010

3136 Course Syllabus Winter 2010 - PUBLIC LAW II AS/POLS...

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P UBLIC L AW II AS/POLS 3136 3.0 (W) S ECTION M (Crosslisted to: AK/POLS 3136 3.00, AK/SOCI 3136 3.00, GL/POLS 3136 3.00, AK/PPAS 3136 3.00) T HE C HARTER OF R IGHTS AND F REEDOMS AND THE L IMITS OF P UBLIC A DMINISTRATION W INTER T ERM 2010 Course Director: Ray Bazowski Office: 233 McLaughlin College Office Hours: T, F 1-2 pm, and by appointment Contact: (416) 736-2100 ext. 20723 [email protected] Lectures: Fridays, 2:30 – 4:30 TEL 0010 Tutorials: 01 F 11:30 VH 1022 2 F 12:30 VH 3004 3 F 9:30 ACE 006 4 F 10:30 FC 105 The Course: This course examines key provisions in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the courts have interpreted them. These include freedom of expression and association, the right to life, liberty and the security of the person, and equality and non-discrimination rights. The course will also examine Charter cases involving reproductive rights and the rights of organized labour. A key theme discussed throughout the course is the judicialization of politics that supposedly has occurred with the advent of the Charter. Useful prerequisites include: AS/POLS 2100.06 or AS/POLSE 2610.06 and AS/POLS 3135.03 or permission of the instruction Relation Between POLS 3135.03 and POLS 3136.03: Both of these courses are required for PPA majors, and most students take both courses during the same fall- winter term (though there is no requirement to do so.) LAST DAY ON WHICH YOU CAN DROP THIS COURSE WITHOUT RECEIVING A GRADE IS March 8. Please note that refunds for dropped courses are governed by the date you drop the course. For information on the refund schedule, go to http://www.yorku.ca/sfs/refunds/tables/
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R EADINGS : Required: The following are required readings: Course Kit on the Web: A virtual course kit has been prepared that can be accessed by pointing your browser to http://www.arts.yorku.ca/polsci/rbazk/ Look for the listings under POLS 3136 3.0 Case law: The course is largely based on a discussion of case law. You can directly access the cases by pointing your browser to the web-link listed for each in the virtual course kit. Excerpted summaries (with commentaries) for many of these cases are also available in the text by Peter Russell, Rainer Knopff, Thomas Bateman & Jane Hiebert , The Court and the Constitution: Leading Decisions, which some of you may have purchased for the Fall term course Public Law I. Recommended: The following text is recommended (though not required): Peter W. Hogg, Constitutional Law of Canada Student Edition When preparing your case comment it is strongly recommended that you refer to Joanne Buckley, Fit to Print: The Canadian Student’s Guide to Essay Writing (Toronto: Harcourt, 2001). Other Books of Interest: The following are other books that may interest students: Bakan, Just Words: Constitutional Rights and Social Wrongs Beatty, Constitutional Law in Theory and Practice Cairns, The Charter versus Federalism Greene, The Charter of Rights Hiebert, Charter Conflicts: What is Parliament’s Role Hirschl, Towards Juristocracy Hutchinson, Waiting for CORAF: A Critique of Law and Rights Kelly, Governing with the Charter Knopff and Morton, Charter Politics
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