EnglandsChains2 - The Second Part OF ENGLANDS New-Chaines...

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The Second Part OF E N G L A N D S N e w - C h a i n e s DISCOVERED: Or a sad Representation of the uncertain and dangerous condition of the COMMON-WEALTH: DIRECTED To the Supreme Authority of England, the Representors of the People in Parliament assembled. By severall wel affected persons inhabiting the City of London, Westminster, the borough of Southwark, Hamlets, and places adjacent, presenters and approvers of the late large Petition of the Eleventh of September. 1648. All persons who are assenting to this Representation, are desired to subscribe it, and bring in their Subscriptions to the Presenters and Approvers of the foresaid Petition of the 11 of Sept. ______________________________________________________________________________ London, Printed in the Year, 1649. To the Supreme Authority of ENGLAND, the Representors of the People, in Parliament Assembled.
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2 THE Sad Representation of the uncertain and dangerous Condition of the Common-wealth : By the Presenters and Approvers of the Large Petition of the 11. of September, 1648. If our hearts were not over-charged with the sense of the present miseries and approching dangers of the Nation, your smal regard to our late serious Apprehensions, would have kept us silent; but the misery, danger, and bondage threatned is so great, imminent, and apparent, that whilst we have breath, and are not violently restrained, we cannot but speak, and even cry aloud, until you hear us, or God be pleased otherwaies to relieve us. Nor should you in reason be with-held from considering what we present you withal, through any strangeness that appeareth therein; For what was more incredible, than that a Parliament trusted by the people to deliver them from all kinds of oppression, and who made so liberal effusion of their bloud, and waste of their estates (upon pretense of doing thereof) should yet so soon as they were in power, opress with the same kind of oppressions, which yet was true in the times of Hollis and Stapletons faction, and who, (as the King and Bishops had done before) laboured for an Army to back and perpetuate them therein. Nor were our Petitions then presented (wherein we justly complained of those oppressions, and fore-warned them of the danger ensuing) the less considerable for their burning them by the hand of the common hangman; Nor the Petitioners the more blame-worthy for being reproched with the names of Atheists, Hereticks, and seditious Sectaries (as now with Jesuite, and Leveller) Aspersions being the known marks of corrupt States-men, and usually working no other effect, but the discredit of the Aspersers. Yet were there then many who believed their reports of us, and they were as impatient with us, for our taxing them with their wicked and pernicious designs, as others are now for our presuming to detect them, who are so high in present power and reputation: But it is now evident, that it is possible for our Physitians to bring us into a more dangerous condition than they found us. And though experience hath made us wofully sensible, that nothing is more dangerous to any
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EnglandsChains2 - The Second Part OF ENGLANDS New-Chaines...

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