Study Guide Midterm test POLS 3136 Winter 2008

Study Guide Midterm test POLS 3136 Winter 2008 - Civil...

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Public Law II: POLS 3136 3.0 Sec M Study Guide for Midterm Exam The midterm exam will consist of three parts. The first part will contain a number of terms. You will be asked to choose five of these terms and provide concise definitions (or explanations). The second part will ask you identify various sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The final part will ask some specific questions about the court cases we have covered to date. You should know the details of the cases and the reasons the court provided when coming to their decisions. You should be prepared to compare and contrast court decisions in cases involving similar impugned laws. Finally, you should be prepared to say something about how these various decisions have clarified the way the courts have approached the Charter. There will be choices in the final section. Below are some of the terms with which you should be familiar: J.S. Mill’s “harm” principle “small bill of rights” Legislative Supremacy
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Unformatted text preview: Civil Liberty Cases prior to Canadian Bill of Rights: “Persons” case Alberta Press case “Duff doctrine” Saumur Switzman v. Elbling Roncarelli v. Duplessis Canadian Bill of Rights Canadian Bill of Rights cases: Robertson & Rosetanni v. the Queen Drybones Lavell & Bedard Bliss The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Application clauses Interpretation clauses Not withstanding clause “reasonable limit” Purposive interpretation Minority language education rights Oakes test Purpose and effect Ratio decidendi Obiter dictum justiciable amicus curiae original jurisdiction 2 You should know the following cases in some detail: Doucet-Boudreau v. Nova Scotia (Minister of Education) [2003] Operation Dismantle Inc. v. The Queen , [1985] Big M Drug Mart Ltd. , [1985] R. v. Oakes , [1986] Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union v. Dolphin Delivery , [1986] R. v. Edwards Book and Art Ltd. , [1986] McKinney v. University of Guelph , [1990] Reference re. Quebec Secession , [1998]...
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Study Guide Midterm test POLS 3136 Winter 2008 - Civil...

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