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HW2 - the branches The authors support a mechanism where as...

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Homework 2, due Thursday 1/31/12 at the start of class (10 points total) Questions on the paper by Bishop et al., 2004: 1) (3 Points) What is the ‘retraction bulb’ and what is the ‘axosome’? What is the content of axosomes? Retraction bulbs are the swollen tips of axons that become disconnected from NMJs during synapse elimination Axosomes are membrane bound compartments of synaptic organelles (clear vesicles and occasional mitochondria) that are shed by the disappearing axons. 2) (4 Points) Name two cellular mechanisms account for axon disappearing? What is the model that the authors propose for axon removal during synapse elimination at mouse NMJ? Axons retract and their contents are shuttled to other axon branches. Alternatively, axons may undergo a Wallerian-type degeneration where a whole axon gets removed rather than just some of
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Unformatted text preview: the branches. The authors support a mechanism where as axons retreat from the NMJ, they shed axosomes that are entirely contained in the surrounding glial cells. Questions on the papers by Taha and Stryker, 2002: 3) (3 Points) How did ocular dominance change in the following experiments: A) monocular deprivation (MD) with saline infusion in visual cortex; B) MD with cycloheximid infusion in visual cortex; C) MD with cycloheximid infusion in the LGN. A) Neuronal responses favored the nondeprived (open) eye B) Neurons continued to be driven by the contralateral (closed) eye, similar to the nondeprived. C) Not significantly different from the saline infused mice, but different from nondeprived, neuronal responses favored the nondeprived (open) eye...
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