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HW3 - they 4(4 points What do the authors examine p-S6 for...

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Homework 3, due Tues 2/7/12 at the start of the class (10 points total) Questions on the research paper by Simonen et al., 2003: 1) (2 points) Nogo-A, B and C all comes from the same gene. What common sequence do they share? And how did the authors selectively knock out Nogo-A? 2) (2 points) What happens to Nogo-B and Nogo-C expression in the CNS and PNS of Nogo-A-/- mice? Questions on the research paper by Liu et al., 2010: 3) (2 points) Functional recovery after CNS could be achieved by two forms of axonal growth, what are
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Unformatted text preview: they? 4) (4 points) What do the authors examine p-S6 immunohistochemistry for? In this study, the authors quantified p-S6 label intensity index in corticospinal motor neurons of Pten loxP/loxP mice. How do the results from the following experimental conditions compare to control (AAV-GFP injection without injury): A) AAV-GFP injection with pyramidotomy; B) AAV-Cre injection without injury; C) AAV-Cre injection with pyramidotomy....
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