L1 - Advanced Neuroscience (Bio126) Course website:

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Advanced Neuroscience (Bio126) Course website: http://bio.classes.ucsc.edu/bio126/ User name: bio126 Password: 1+26=bio Class: Tue and Thu 12-1:45pm Office Hours: Mon 10:30am-12:30pm No TA/ No Sections Goals for the class: 1. Understand basic concepts of neural development and neural plasticity; learn about original works lead to these concepts. 2. Learn about literature search and how to read, understand, present and critic scientific papers. Be an independent thinker and researcher!!
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Nobel prize related to Neuroscience 1906 Golgi, Camillo and Ramon y Cajal, Santiago Structure of the Nervous System 1911 Gullstrand, Allvar Swedish Optics of the Eye 1914 Barany, Robert Physiology and pathology of the vestibular apparatus 1927 Wagner-Jauregg, Julius Discovery of Malaria inoculation to treat dementia paralytica 1932 Adrian, Edgar; Sherrington, Charles Function of neurons in sending messages 1936 Dale, Henry , Loewi, Otto Chemical transmission of nerve impulses 1944 Erlanger, Joseph , Gasser, Herbert Differentiated functions of single nerve fibers 1949 Egas Moniz, Antonio; Hess, Walter Leucotomy for certain psychoses; The "interbrain" (hypothalamus) used to control activity of internal organs 1957 Bovet, Daniel Work on synthetic substances that inhibit action of body substances. 1961 Von Bekesy, Georg Function of the cochlea 1963 Eccles, John ; Hodgkin, Alan ; Huxley, Andrew Ionic mechanisms of nerve cell membrane 1967 Granit, Ragnar ; Hartline, Halden ; Wald, George Mechanisms of Vision 1970 Axelrod, Julius ; Katz, Bernard ; von Euler, Ulf Svante Humoral transmitters in sympathetic nerves; Release of neurotransmitters from nerve terminals 1973 Lorenz, Konrad ; Tinbergen, Nikolaas , von Frisch, Karl Ethology 1976 Blumberg, Baruch ; Gajdusek, Daniel Mechanisms for origin and dissemination of infection disease 1977 Guillemin, Roger ; Schally, Andrew Victor Production of peptides in the brain 1979 Cormack, Allan ; Hounsfield, Sir Godfrey Invention of computer-assisted tomography 1981 Hubel, David ; Wiesel, Torsten; Sperry, Roger Information processing in the visual system; functional specialization of the cerebral hemispheres 1982 Samuelsson, Bengt ; Vane, John ; Bergstrom, Sune Discovery of prostaglandins 1986 Cohen, Stanley ; Levi-Montalcini, Rita Control of nerve cell growth 1991 Neher, Erwin ; Sakmann, Bert Function of single ion channels in cells 1994 Gilman, Alfred G. ; Rodbell, Martin Discovery of G-protein coupled receptors and their role in signal transduction 1995 Lewis, Edward ; Nüsslein-Volhard, Christiane ; Wieschaus, Eric The genetic control of early embryonic development 1997 Prusiner, Stanley B. Discovery of prions; a new biological principle of infection 2000 Carlsson, Arvid ; Greengard, Paul ; Kandel, Eric Signal transduction in the nervous system 2003 Lauterbur, Paul C. ; Mansfield, Sir Peter Discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging 2003 MacKinnon, Roderick Structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels 2004 Buck, Linda B. ; Axel, Richard
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L1 - Advanced Neuroscience (Bio126) Course website:

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