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Dr. Patrick Young Winter 2012 Class Objectives The course objectives are as follows: To substantially strengthen students’ programming ability by requiring them to program a number of large, interesting projects. To teach students to find information on their own and solve problems on their own using available documentation; to give them the confidence in their own abilities they will need when programming in industry or as grad students. To solidify students understanding of object-oriented principles. To provide exposure to a broad range of programming areas including multi- threaded programs, communication between processes, and interacting with databases. To provide team programming experience. Course Staff & Office Hours Lecturer: Dr. Patrick Young Gates 194 Office Hours: TBD e-mail: [email protected] Please do not leave me voice mail—use e-mail instead. General Help : The fastest way to get help from any member of the teaching staff is to post to our Piazza board. The TAs and I will all be monitoring the board regularly. The main restrictions on Piazza are (1) to post publically whenever possible, but to post privately if you believe that your question gives too much information to other students on how to carry out the homework assignment (we’ll let you know if we think you’re posting too much information) and (2) do not expect us to hunt for bugs in your code outside of office hours (don’t post whole files up, tell us the program does not working, and expect us to find your mistake for you.). Teaching Assistants:
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01CourseInfo - CS108 Course Information Dr Patrick Young...

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