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Rivers and Flooding

Rivers and Flooding - on the inside of the river bank Oxbow...

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Rivers and Flooding—3/11/08 River o Body of water in motion with clearly defined passageways, which transports  water, particles, and dissolved substances River Drainage Basins and Divides o Basin: area that is drained by a stream system o Divide: topographic high that divides two basins o The Great Divide—in the Rocky Mtns 3 River Types o Straight: Uncommon Happen in the mountains, dangerous to be around b/c of high velocity o Braided: tons of sediment, no vegetation, common on Earth before plants  evolved Can be found in places with not a lot of vegetation (deserts) o Meandering: common, winds back and forth Fastest on outside curve: called a cut bank because it erodes the river  bank Slowest on inside curve: called point bars because sediment is deposited 
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Unformatted text preview: on the inside of the river bank Oxbow lakes form when river erodes too much and part of the river gets detached • Hydrologists—scientists investigating how width, depth, velocity, and discharge are related o big width = high discharge o big depth = high discharge o high velocity = high discharge, more particles carried • Sediment transport o Higher speeds causes erosion, low speeds sediment is carried • Streamflow equation: Q = A x V o Q = discharge = the volume of water a river can carry per unit time o V = velocity = the speed at which the river is flowing (ft/sec) o A = cross-sectional river area • Flood o A flood is when the river stage reaches the floodplain...
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  • River, River drainage basins, River Drainage, velocity =high discharge, low speeds sediment, clearly defined passageways

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