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SOCIO 2000 - tracking unequal access to education Coleman...

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Test Review 16:56 Ch 3 review Section 2 Culture and Biology – human beings highly variable pg 52 53 – section on cultural relativism (terms) symbolic nature of culture pg 60 sig part is on mechanism of cultural change on pg 62  how does change take place con’t on 63 import concept of cultural lag rights of passage pg 66 caste system pg 200 global classification modernization theory, dependency theory pg 209 where are the baby girls ch 13 (partial chapter) religion difference between sacred and profane 296 elements of religion, parts emphasized sociological approach to religion 300-304   (functionalist theory and conflict theory) major religion in US – Christianity check pages of the chapter CH 14 EDUCATION Academic skills 322 famous reports (nation at risk) Is education for jobs or for life? 325 innovation and child care, postponing job hunting, credentialized society (327) 
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Unformatted text preview: tracking unequal access to education Coleman report (high school study, areas which you have least control over determines how well you will do in high school, EX: neighborhood, family background) gender bias in the classroom (towards end) CH 16 Partial chapter Population and urban society (focus on URBAN) Earliest cities Don’t look at tables, read text Preindustrial cities Industrial cities Urban life section (382 383) – physical proximity Face to face vs new media relationships Ch 18 social change Social change definition Section on internal and external sources of social change 420 Crowds 421-422 Flash mob -- what kind of crowd is it? Rumors – relative definition Technological change (end of book)...
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SOCIO 2000 - tracking unequal access to education Coleman...

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