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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Backing Up Your Computer CASE: You are a new student at a local college. As part of your tuition, the school gives you a laptop computer. You complete your work for all your classes on this computer. You also use the computer for e-mail, money management, correspondence, and contact management. You just heard a story about a fellow classmate whose hard disk drive crashed, and all of your classmate’s data was lost. Until now, you haven’t done any backing up; everything is stored on the laptop and nowhere else. You realize that you need to back up your hard drive and your work. TASK: 1. Consider how you use your computer. Think about the software you use, the files you create, and the data you store and rely on. Create a new document and save it as Backup Plan.doc . Describe the types of backups that would make sense for you and write a plan for backing up your data. Include descriptions of the following points in your plan: Explain which data and files you would back up and why you are including these
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