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Computer Ethics Assignment

Computer Ethics Assignment - Student Edition Lab Assignment...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Computer Ethics CASE: You work as an assistant in your city’s small business development office, which helps local entrepreneurs launch and maintain businesses. Your main duty is to research trends and gather information about products, services, competition, and general operations. You are currently working with the owner of an art gallery that specializes in landscapes. He wants to develop a Web site that would serve as an online arts digest, showcasing recent landscapes by photographers, painters, and other visual artists. The gallery owner asks you to research how he should protect the intellectual property rights of the artists whose work he displays. In addition, he plans to have employees use e-mail to solicit work from artists and accept or decline their submissions. To make sure employees are consistently professional and courteous, he is debating whether to monitor their e-mail or distribute a code of ethics. He asks you to summarize the pros and cons of e-mail
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