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Electronic Commerce Assignment

Electronic Commerce Assignment - Student Edition Lab...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: E-Commerce CASE: You own a Web site design business. The owner of a local sporting goods store has hired you to research the benefits of expanding his business online and moving into e-commerce. Since the store is located in a small town, the owner believes that he can use the Internet to expand his customer base by attracting customers on the Web. He wants you to research and analyze competitors’ sites, and then create a plan that outlines what needs to be done to create a profitable e-commerce site. TASK: 1. Create a new document and save it as E-Commerce Plan.doc . Start by writing a list of goals that you want to meet by taking the business online, and then identify the objectives of creating the Web site. 2. Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to find two Web sites that sell sporting goods. Important : As you research the Web sites, do not provide any personal information to the Web site; you do not have to purchase any products or enter billing, shipping, personal, or credit information to complete this exercise.
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