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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Getting the Most Out of the Internet CASE: The local Senior Citizens Center has a new computer room with Internet access. You have been hired to ask a class to help the members at the Center learn how to get the most out of the Internet. You need to teach them the basics of the Internet, how to use a browser, and how to use the Internet to find specific information. You decide to create a packet of sample Web sites to help with your class. TASK : 1. Log onto the Internet, maximize the browser window, and then copy the screen with the home page open in the browser. To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press the Ctrl and Print Screen key. ( Hint : On most keyboards, this key is located above the Navigation keypad and is labeled “Print Scrn.”) 2. Create a new word processing document and save it as Internet Pages.doc . Paste the image into the document by clicking Edit on the document window menu bar, and then clicking Paste. Press the Enter key twice after pasting the image to create space
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