Physics in Action - Week 21cb5fddf-f9d1-4bab-a87b-678ad2baae37

Physics in Action - Week 21cb5fddf-f9d1-4bab-a87b-678ad2baae37

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Unformatted text preview: PIA 2  Hydraulic Process Remember to show all work and calculations! 1. In a hydraulic process (as pictured above), a 20 ­kg load on the left piston will support a 600 ­kg load on the right piston. How does the pressure of fluid against the lower part of the left piston compare with the pressure against the lower right piston (greater on right, greater on left, or the same pressure on each)? 2. What principle is used to answer question #1? 3. What is the purpose of an enclosed hydraulic system? Describe a hydraulic process like this one used in the real world. You may draw a diagram to help explain. 4. Given the area of the left piston (under the 20 ­kg mass) is 4 m2, what is the area of the right piston (under the 600 ­kg mass)? 5. If the mass on top of the left piston was doubled to 40 kg, how would this affect the upward force on the right piston? Use the areas given and calculated in #4. ...
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