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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Keeping Your Computer Virus-Free CASE: You work as the research assistant for Old News Magazine , a weekly periodical that features last week’s news. Your boss has recently become concerned about the potential for viruses on the computers in the office. She wants you to research the various antivirus packages available, and then make a recommendation as to which one she should buy and install on the office computers. Then, she wants you to develop a set of procedures for virus prevention, detection, and removal that the office staff must follow to keep the systems virus-free. TASK : 1. Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to research computer viruses and antivirus software. 2. Create a new word processing document and save it as Antivirus Software Review.doc . 3. Add a table to your document that has four columns and four rows. Find the names of four leading antivirus software packages and list them in the first column. List the publishers name in the second column of the table. Document
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