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Maintaining a Hard Drive Assignment

Maintaining a Hard Drive Assignment - Student Edition Lab...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Maintaining a Hard Drive CASE: You are a new student at a local college. As part of your tuition, the school gives you a laptop computer. You complete all your work for all your classes on this computer. You also use the computer for e-mail, money management, correspondence, and contact management. You realize as the year progresses, you will have more and more files and programs stored on your hard drive, so you decide to create a plan to maintain it. TASK : 1. Create a new word processing document and save it as Hard Drive.doc . 2. Write a brief paragraph describing what a hard drive is. 3. Write a brief paragraph describing how the Defragmenter utility works to optimize the hard disk drive. 4. Write a brief paragraph that describes how the ScanDisk utility works to check the hard disk for errors. 5. Copy the screens in the following list into the document. Below each image, answer the questions and explain how it helps maintain your hard drive. To
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