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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Managing Files and Folders CASE: You just started to work as an administrative assistant for a local real estate developer. Your computer uses Windows XP. Your first task is to organize the hard drive on your computer. The business creates and saves several types of files, including spreadsheets, documents, graphics, presentations, and PDF files. Your supervisor has asked you to present a plan for organizing the files on the computer. Currently, all of the files are saved in the root directory of the computer. There are over 250 files, dating back several years. The data file Managing_Files_List.doc contains a short list of the files that represent the files used by the business. TASK: 1. Write a plan for naming and organizing the business’s files. If you are typing the plan on a computer, create a new word processing document and save it as Computer Organization Plan . Explain the reason for your plan and why it is important that you have a file system in place. Include the following in your plan:
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