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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Network Basics CASE: You work as the research assistant for Old News Magazine , a weekly periodical that features last week’s news. The staff works out of a small office with six employees. Everyone has a standalone desktop computer. You also have a laptop computer that you take with you on assignments. The managing editor has decided that it would make more sense if the six desktop computers were networked so everyone could share hardware and software resources. You also want to be able to hook your laptop into the network. The managing editor asks you to research networks and write a proposal detailing the hardware and software that needs to be purchased and a plan for setting up the local area network for the office. He would also like you to recommend the best way for everyone on the network to connect to the Internet. TASK: 1. Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to research networks, specifically how to set up local area networks. Find information that explains options for creating
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