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Peripheral Devices Assignment

Peripheral Devices Assignment - scanner and the type of...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Peripheral devices CASE: You have been asked by your voice teacher, Jera Treble, owner of Professional Studio of Voice, to assist her in upgrading her computer system. Your first assignment is to research new peripheral devices for the voice studio. Mrs. Treble scans musical scores and saves them as computer files. She prints the documents and images for her students. She also distributes music and video to her students for them to listen and view through their computers. She records and views digital videos of the master classes that she then saves on DVDs to give to the students. Mrs. Treble wants you to give her a list of peripheral devices that you recommend that she purchase, along with some explanation of why you are recommending those items. TASK: 1. Access the Internet and use your favorite search engine to research the peripheral devices discussed in the Lab. Create a list of the devices that she should purchase for the voice studio, including the type of monitor, the type of printer, the type of
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Unformatted text preview: scanner, and the type of storage device. Include information about manufacturers, models, and price. 2. Using a word processing program, organize your findings in a 5-column table and save it as Peripheral Devices. 3. List the type of device in the first column in the table, explain how you would use the device in the second column, identify the type of input or output in the third column, provide a brief description of how the device works and interfaces with the computer in the fourth column, and detail your recommended manufacturer, model, and price in the last column. 4. Add a short paragraph below the table explaining why you are recommending the type of display technology that you listed in the table over the others. 5. Add another short paragraph explaining why you recommended the type of printer that you listed in the table over the others. 6. Save your changes, and then submit the final document to your instructor....
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