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Presentation Software Assignment - Professional Studio of...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Presentation Software CASE: You have been hired by Leroy Peters, owner of Professional Studio of Voice, to create a presentation that gives an overview of the lessons and performance classes at the studio. Use PowerPoint to create the presentation shown below. TASK : Start PowerPoint and open the file Presentation Software_Voice Studio.ppt . Complete the presentation following the steps below: 1. Insert a title slide with the following text and image: Title: Professional Studio of Voice Sub Title: Leroy Peters Second line of the subtitle: “find your inner voice…” Music clip art positioned in the upper left corner. Copy and paste the music clip art to the lower right corner. 2. Key the following text in the footer and apply to all the slides:
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Unformatted text preview: Professional Studio of Voice 3. Apply an appropriate theme. 4. Slide 2, add the following text: There are no classes on Fridays. 5. Slide 3, create two columns. Move the “Teachers” title to the right of the last column. 6. Move the 5th slide so that it becomes the 4th slide. 7. Add sound to the slides that supports the text on the slide. 8. Animate the slides. 9. Add transitions between the slides. 10. Correct any errors. 11. View the slide then save the presentation with annotations as Voice Studio.ppt. 12. Preview the presentation, change options as necessary to make the printout legible, save your changes, and then submit the final presentation as handouts using the layout of your choice to your instructor....
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Presentation Software Assignment - Professional Studio of...

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