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Project Management Assignment - Theater Renovation-Tasks...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Project Management CASE: You are the producer and stage coordinator at the local theater company. This year, the group received a grant to renovate the theater. Although you are hiring professional architects and builders, you decide to use Microsoft Project to help with your end of managing the project. TASK: 1. Start Microsoft Office Project. 2. Open the Project Information dialog box. Assume that the current date is September 1 of this year. The Project will begin on September 15. Use a Standard Calendar. Save the Project as Theater Renovation Project Plan . 3. Use the image of the project below as well as the document file
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Unformatted text preview: Theater Renovation-Tasks Durations and Resources.doc to enter the required tasks and durations. You must assign dependencies between the tasks. Consider what needs to be done and assign appropriate relationships as needed. Theater Renovation is the Project Summary task. 4. Use the image below to enter the resources. Enter your name as the first resource. Assign the rest of the resources to the tasks as shown. 5. Add a $1000 fixed cost to cover legal fees for signing the contracts. 6. Create the following reports: Project Summary, Budget, and Who Does What. 7. Save your changes, and then submit the reports you created to your instructor....
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Project Management Assignment - Theater Renovation-Tasks...

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