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Protecting Your Privacy Online Assignment

Protecting Your Privacy Online Assignment - be placed on...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Protecting your Privacy Online CASE : You work as the research assistant for Old News Magazine , a weekly periodical that features last week’s news. One of your duties is to browse Web sites to research the past week’s events, entertainment news, and science stories. You also are required to visit shopping Web sites to discover what people are buying. Your boss has recently become concerned about online privacy, and he wants you to research how the sites that you frequently visit use cookies to track your personal information and your Internet browsing habits. TASK : 1. Log onto the Internet and use a search engine to research cookies. Try using the search terms “cookies, computers, privacy.” Find several articles that explain why Web sites use cookies and read about the pros and cons of the technology. 2. Create a new word processing document and save it as Online Privacy Concerns.doc . 3. Write a brief paragraph explaining why it can be a good idea to allow cookies to
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Unformatted text preview: be placed on your computer, and then write another paragraph explaining some of the potential problems that can arise if you allow cookies to be placed on your computer. 4. Open the Help feature of your browser and read how to delete cookies. Delete the cookies from your browser. 5. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, open the Internet Options dialog box and click the Privacy tab. (If you are not using Internet Explorer, find the dialog box or menu option that determines the settings for cookies in your browser.) Write a few sentences that describe the settings on your machine. Be sure to list any Web sites that are listed specifically as being allowed or forbidden to place cookies on your computer. 6. Review your document, check for spelling errors, save your changes, and then submit the final document to your instructor....
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