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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Understanding the Motherboard CASE: You have been asked to make a presentation to a community group about how computers work. You are planning to open a computer case and show them the motherboard or system board. Create an outline and notes for presenting the components of the motherboard. TASK: 1. Create a new word processing document and save it as Motherboard Presentation. 2. For the first topic, define the motherboard and explain what it does to make your computer work. 3. For the next topic, you want to talk about integrated circuits. Define an integrated circuit. 4. For the third topic, you want to impress how the CPU is the brains of the
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Unformatted text preview: computer. Write a brief description describing the functions of the CPU. Include information about how the CPU interacts with input, output, and storage devices. 5. For the fourth topic, explain the basic difference between RAM and ROM. 6. For the final topic, when you open the case, you plan to point out the slots. Briefly describe what you are showing. 7. List the different types of expansion slots and explain the types of devices that might be connected through each type of slot. 8. Save your changes, and then submit the final document to your instructor....
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