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Using Input Devices Assignment

Using Input Devices Assignment - 2 Create a list of three...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Using Input Devices CASE: As a newly hired assistant at a local real estate firm, you have been asked to research new hardware for the office. The computers have not been upgraded in several years. The realtors and office staff use technology extensively. The office staff records phone calls and meetings into digital files. The realtors often travel with handheld computers and cell phones in the field. They take digital videos of the properties listed and store the videos as computer files. The realtors then bring their clients in so they can use touch screens to tour a home virtually. Finally, the office staff creates documents, such as contracts and letters of inquiry, and tracks and records expenses in worksheets. The realtors and office staff are requesting wireless input where possible. You decide to start your search by researching input devices. TASK: 1. Access the Internet. Use a search engine to research the input devices discussed in the Lab and in the case introduction above.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Create a list of three input devices that the real estate office can purchase to meet their input needs. Include information about manufacturers, models, and price. 3. Organize your findings in a 5-column table. Create a new word processing document and save it as Input Devices . 4. List the type of device in the first column in the table, explain how you would use the device in the second column, identify the type of input in the third column, provide a brief description of how the device works and interfaces with the computer in the fourth column, and detail your recommended manufacturer, model, and the price in the last column. 5. Beneath the table, write a second, short paragraph explaining the following parts of the keyboard and when you might use each part for entering data into the computer: a. Typing keypad b. Numeric keypad c. Navigation keys d. Function keys 6. Save your changes and submit the final document to your instructor....
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