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Using Windows Assignment

Using Windows Assignment - Student Edition Lab Assignment...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Using Windows CASE: You are the technical coordinator for Bright Smiles Dental, a large dental practice in your city. The office just upgraded all the computers to Windows Vista and you need to teach the office staff how to use the new system. You need to create a list of the important elements and features of the operating system to use as a guide during the staff training. For each feature, you need to provide a description or a brief summary of what the feature does, and explain how you use it to complete the task. You also need to explain why and when you might use each feature. Finally, you decide to make sure each person knows the options available if they want to adjust the display properties on his or her monitor so that they are comfortable while working. TASK: 1. Create a list of Windows Vista features that you want to explain to the office staff. Create a new document and save it as Windows Features. Using the Windows
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