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Visual Programming Assignment

Visual Programming Assignment - Student Edition Lab...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Visual Programming CASE: You just started to work as a teaching assistant for a local community college. Your class is learning about Visual Basic Programming. You need to research ideas for how to present the concept of visual programming; specifically, you want to introduce Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 to help your students understand the basics of this object programming language. TASK : 1. In order to research the topic, log onto the Internet, go to MSDN.Microsoft.com , click the Library tab, expand the Development Tools and Languages link, and then expand the Visual Studio 2008 link. (Note: If the Web site has changed, you are looking for the Visual Studio 2008 pages at the MSDN library.) 2. Read at least two articles in the library about Visual Studio 2008. One suggested article is Introducing Visual Studio . 3. Create a new document and save it as Visual Programming Plan
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