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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Wireless Networking CASE: You own a small computer business and you specialize in setting up networks for small businesses. The owner of a local sporting goods store has hired you to set up a local area network for his business. He wants to connect computers located in a back office, on the selling floor, in a series of rooms in which he offers personal training classes, in a section of the store with batting cages, and in the section of the store that contains a golf simulation area. The staff needs to be able to access the network for various functions from each of these areas during training and selling. The computer in the back office is a desktop computer. The printer is also located in the back office. All other computers are laptops and used from various locations. Each computer must have Internet access. You decide that a wireless network is the best choice, so you need to research the hardware requirements and submit a proposal to the owner. What to do:
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