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Word Processing Assignment

Word Processing Assignment - Student Edition Lab Assignment...

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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Word Processing CASE: Johnny Echevarria, the superintendent of a National River, has hired you to prepare an informational letter that he will send to individuals who are interested in visiting the national river during the fall season. He drafted the first version, but after reading through the document, you see that the letter has some errors, needs to be formatted, and does not take advantage of enhancement features available in Word. Use the skills you learned in the lab to create a final draft of the letter. TASK: 1. Start Word, and open the file Word_Processing_Letter.doc , and then save it as River_Letter . 2. Complete the letter by doing the following: Insert today’s date at the top of the letter and then press ENTER four times. Change the font and font size of the all the text to Times New Roman, 12 point. In the third and fourth paragraphs, bold and underline the following activities: backpacking, floating, anglers, horseback riding.
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