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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Working with Audio CASE: You are a teaching assistant, and your professor has asked you to assemble a list of CourseCast audio files which will be used in an upcoming IT course. She asks you to prepare an audio CD of the last four CourseCasts so that she can listen to them in her car on the way to school. You will need to go to the website and download the audio files. You will copy the files you find to a CD. Then you will place the files on a Web Site you have created for your professor. You will then add links to the CourseCast files on the Web page that will be added to her Web site. TASK : 1. Go to the CourseCasts home page. ( 2. Download the last four audio files. 3. Create a new document and save it as Audio Files . 4. Locate and play each of the four audio files you downloaded. Write a brief description of each of the files you played in the Audio Files document. Be sure to include the following information for each downloaded file:
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