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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Working with Graphics CASE: Dr. Maria S. Miles, the owner of Bright Smiles Dental, a large dental practice in your city, asked you, the technical coordinator for the office, to create a new logo for the practice. She also would like you to submit suggestions for art for the practice’s new Web site. You decide to create the logo in Microsoft Paint, and then modify a photo in Adobe PhotoShop and look for clip art on the Web to supply art for the Web site. TASK: 1. Start Paint. Use the common tools and colors to create the logo shown below. ( Hint : Change the font for the text to 24-point Arial while the text box is still selected and the Text toolbar is still open). 2. Save the image as a bitmapped graphic with the file name Bright Smiles Logo.bmp
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Unformatted text preview: , and then submit the image to your instructor. 3. Start Windows Picture Manager. Open the data file Working_with_Graphics_Photo.jpg , and then save it as Bright Smiles Image.jpg . 4. Modify the image by doing the following: • Select the Autocorrect feature. • Save your changes. • Crop the image so that the parrot is the only thing left • Save the image as Parrot.jpg. • Send the file to your instructor as an e-mail attachment. 5. Log onto the Internet, use a search engine to find a site that provides free clip art, download clip art of a smile that shows teeth, save it as Smile Clip Art , and then submit the image electronically to your instructor. Text tool with red foreground and white background draw this shape first draw this shape second...
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