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Student Edition Lab Assignment: Working with Video CASE: A local ad agency has hired you to work on a promotional video for a local sports store. You need to create a sample video. They also want to see another video for comparison. You need to find a sports video on the Web, explain where you found it and how you were able to view it. You will write directions for locating and viewing the video on the Web, including specific details about the player used to view the video. You then will create a movie using Windows Movie Maker and the clips provided as Data Files. TASK : 1. Create a new word processing document and save it as Creating Videos . 2. Log onto the Internet and use your favorite search engine to locate a sports video clip on a news site. ( Hint : Try ) 3. View the video. Identify the player that you used to view the video, and explain whether the video played on a player on your computer or used a player that was built into the specific Web site. Click at least three of the player’s function
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