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29/10 Grp task behaviors Those who ask Those who tell If task is of interest, evry chance of u being caught up in different roles Too much questioning, not enuf data Always exploring never closing Closing without askin much Caught up in disagreeing Behaviors need to be productively present in balance, somebody has to look at the balance, keep a pulse on the ppl activities Somebody comes up with a gud idea, shud be appreciated, working for harmony Keep a check on the progress Setting standard, define goodness Tension relieving, haha moment … invariably ppl in the grp is masters of keepin a pulse on the team As the time increases, tension increases, the graph tapers down, as tension increases productivity decreases too, wud like to see a tooth graph for tension so that the productivity keeps on increasing Gate keeping, letting ppl in Task behavior, maintenance n gate keeping, should be honored for a gud team, payin attention to task, whos participating, whose not Distributed all arnd … and different time, different role, sometime gate keeper sometime someother Practicially doesn’t happen that frequently or easily Facilitator helps a grp to be effective Grps come together to solve a problem Get facts if everyone is feeling safe, role to play ------- feelings/facts/solutions No better technology to help a grp than a flipchart Flipcharts: kinda easel Noting impt info, noting things to talk abt to solve a problem If used effectively, spreads impt issues with their thinkin Look at the flipchart for agenda, so don’t worry how to leverage into discussion, let go n start discussing, will come back to the issue, ppl come with preoccupation of their issue Gives u visual reference Revisit progress, if u have to be the incharge, provides u set of records Better than white board, when u go for a side trip u don’t pay attention, but u can catchup via flipcharts, side trips are gud to relax u Tips: Write wat ppl say, ppl need to see their words not ur interpretation of the words, if long comment ask them to summarize to be captured. Take turns to be facilitator. Besides being facilitator, u need to be urself as well, contribute through ur technical abilities. Announce while stepping out of the facilitator role
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3/11 The Big 5 Extroversim Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional stability Openness to experience Other dimensions Locus of control Risk propensity Type A Machiavellianism Self esteem Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. . Team present constraint in doing a project, diversity which adds to creativity runs a amok, becomes devastating, need to manage diversity, bridge a gap Very rare u chose team based on personality, personality also big deal because one time we want to become a pm. Should look into the mirror, who u want to be Cant pay any attention to the subject where personality comes from, that another course… MB is useful personality indicator but also has controversery added to it as wasn’t developed by
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Grp task behaviors (Autosaved) - 29/10 Grp task behaviors...

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