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How to establish a sterile field during endo procedure? Put on a dental dam, dental clamp and then canals are irrigated usually with dilution of sodium hypochlorite (antimicrobial agent), hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant), and PCP (disinfectant) throughout the procedure. Which instrument use to remove the pulp? Broach How the length of a file is measured? X-ray is taken with files How root canals should be dried? The paper points are inserted into the canal to absorb the irrigating solution and dry the canal Which instruments are used to enlarge a root canal ? Hedstroms and reamers endodontic files Type of restoration used to reinforce can endo treated tooth for crown? Temporary restoration Why it is important to obtain a correct measurement of the length of the root canal ? When test the pulp of a tooth with a pulp tester a reading of (9-10), (1-2) indicates what ? thermal sensitivity What does the gutta percha do? a small cone of gutta-percha, which, along with endodontic sealer, may be used
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