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Steam Autoclave Sterilization-( Midmark, Statim)-distilled water ONLY Temp- 250-273° F, Time- 3-30 min “+”-short time; “-” – instruments may be wet after cycle Chemical Vapor Sterilization-Chemiclave- combination of chemicals instead of water Pressure-20-40 psi; Temp-270° F; Time- 20-40 min OSHA requires Safety Data Sheet on chemicals solution “+” – short time, dry after cycle “-” – need to pre-dry, might be odor Dry Heat Sterilization Static air - 320°F, 1-2 hours Forced air -375°F, 6-12 min “+”- can be fast “-”- must predry, no rubber or plastic instruments Chemical Liquid Sterilants – EPA High level disinfectant “+” - High level disinfectant “-”- sterile forceps and sterile water to rinse instruments, Less then 6-10 hours- disinfect, not sterile Handpiece Sterilization Never immerse to holding bath- ultrasonic cleaner or any other liquid! Must be properly cleaned and heat sterilized. Handpiece Flushing – Run under the water, better-Assistina
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Unformatted text preview: Handpiece Sterilization Techniques-only autoclave and chemical, temp should not exceed 275° F Sterilization Monitoring- difficult to determine when item is sterile Physical monitoring-recoding pressure, time and temp Chemical monitoring:-Process indicators (external)-outside of instrument package, indicates at certain Temp only-Process integrators (internal)-inside of instrument package, indicates pressure, temp and time. It does NOT indicate sterility!!! Biologic monitoring (spore-test) – ONLY way to determine sterility, All bacteria killed, do it weekly. Placed outside the instrument package in middle of the tray Biologic strip indicators:-Positive culture - spores survive - sterilization failed-Negative culture - spores killed - successful sterilization Sterilization Failure-Overload bags / cycle, -improper instrument precleaning/packaging, -sterilization not used properly...
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