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DA- 173- Fixed prosthodontics - Fixed prosthodontics Fixed...

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Fixed prosthodontics Fixed prosthodontics - the specialized area of dentistry devoted to the replacement of missing teeth with cast prostheses that are permanently cemented in place. Use when: one or two adjacent teeth are missing in the same arch, supported tissues are healthy, suitable abutment teeth are present, patient has good oral hygiene No Use when: supportive tissues are missing or diseased, patient is in poor health, suitable abutment teeth are not present, patient has not good oral hygiene Types of cast restorations: 1. Inlay – covers a portion of the occlusal and proximal surface and One cusp, for class II cavity prep (MOD), indirect restoration. 2. Onlay – covers proximal surfaces and most or all of the occlusal surface, must Two or more cusps, indirect restoration Materials used for inlay and onlay: Gold- strongest material, not as esthetic as porcelain or ceramic Porcelain, Ceramic 3. Porcelain veneers- to improve the appearance of anterior teeth, indirect restoration, uses composite
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