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INFECTION CONTROL & ISOLATION COMPETENCY-PATIENT Patient’s Name: Operator: Date: Assistant: Faculty Name: Patient # Student Objective: Student will obtain infection control and maintain isolation throughout the procedure. Points : 25 points are given for each patient if all criteria are met below. One infraction of any one of the criteria below will reduce points to 12. Two infractions will reduce points to 0. Infection Control/Armamentarium Criteria Met Criteria Not Met Infection Control/ Patient Safety Barriers placed on chair, unit, light, air/water syringe, hoses, HVE, saliva ejector, handpiece PPE: gloves, mask, gown, scrubs, eye wear, patient safety glasses, curing light glasses Assemble Armamentaria Basic set-up: mirror, explorer, cotton pliers Air-water syringe tip Saliva Isolation, HVE tip, saliva ejector, lingua fix cotton rolls, Dri-aids
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Unformatted text preview: Isolation Tooth Tooth Tooth Tooth Isolated each quadrant separately. Used Dry aid or Dri-angle placed over Stenson’s duct. Front end of dry aid/Dri-angle overlaps over labial commissure. Placed cotton rolls in buccal vestibule Placed cotton rolls placed between lateral border of tongue and alveolar ridge on the lingual. Cotton roll on lingual maintains isolation and is not protruding above occlusal plane. (For mandibular isolation) Placed Saliva ejector appropriately, shaped and placed intraorally near the retromolar pad or placed lingua-fix properly on the lingual retracting the tongue Completely dry teeth. Maintain isolation – keep saliva ejector, lingua-fix, and or HVE intraorally. STOP! Instructor check isolation. Total Points...
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