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Khoa tran English 0306 Ms.Miller September 10, 2008 The special book from my best sister One day In the morning, I still remember when I was wake up early in the morning I saw my mother and my father made a birthday cake for my birthday, during the time my mother and my father made the birthday cake, I have a sister from viet nam send for me a special gift on the day I have a birthday, that is my favorite airplane book when I was young I love to read that book because I like many kind of the airplane, but at that time I don’t have and cannot find out that book . When I was received the book from my sister ,I felt all my mine so surprised and happy because i never think my sister sent the gift for me when she was living another place. after my
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Unformatted text preview: birthday I start to read that book every night before I went to sleep in the book have 5 chapters and bout 300 pages at the begin of the book I read from page 1 to page 25 I feel interesting and so attract into the book show many type of the airplane and show how each airplanes work for the many country around the world. And Second time I took out the book to read it again I saw one type of the airplane is army helicopter tell about the stronger and useful for army at that time in my mine easy to understand and know more many about the airplane. After I was read finish my book I call for my sister to tell for my sister know I have very excite to received the book of my sister and i never forget my sister....
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