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Ecor 1101 lec1 - 1 Lecture 01 Course Administra/on 2 About This Course Required for all programs(Oldest Eng Discipline Engineering Analysis

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Lecture 01 Course Administra/on 2 About This Course Required for all programs (Oldest Eng Discipline) Engineering Analysis Mechanics = Branch of Physics Applied Math Basic concepts already studied in HS Must read textbook. Must aJend all Lectures and Tutorials Problem-solving skill. Transferable skill. Must solve many problems OpNonal MES online assignments 3 Text Book R. C. Hibbeler, Engineering Mechanics: Sta/cs and Dynamics, 12th ediNon, PrenNce Hall. 4 Mastering Engineering System Op,onal online tutorial & homework system Provided (for a fee) by book publisher (Pearson) Consists of online tutorials and problems RegistraNon Access Code (Must be purchased) Course ID (MESALINAS67320) Student ID (Use your Carleton SID number) 5 11FA ECOR 1101 Mechanics 1 Lectures (3 hrs/week) SecNon A Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 am 11:30 am 103 SC Instructor Prof. J.J. Salinas 7066 MC (Minto Bldg) 520-2600 Ext 7467 [email protected] 6 Tutorials (3 hrs/week) A1 Tue 11:30 am 4332 ME A2 Fri 11:30 am 501 SA A3 Mon 2:30 pm 317 SA A4 Wed 11:30 am B146 Loeb 7 AddiNonal Support Office Hours Room TBA PASS Room TBA BBB Monday ~ Friday 11:30 am to 1:30 pm TBA On Line Tutorial TBA 8 Student EvaluaNon Practice See Lecture Schedule Problems Also available through MES Class Attendance mandatory to all Participation Lectures & Tutorials MES Optional online assignments Also avaiolable during tutorials Mid Term Week of Oct 24~28 during class Final Exam TBA by the university. All Lec. 0% 10 % 0% 40 % 50 % Mid-Term Exam will be wriJen in-class (10 am to 11:30 am): Odd SID Tue 25 Oct 2011// Even SID Thurs 27 Oct 2011. No changes, no subsNtuNons, no make-up. 9 AJendance ParNcipaNon/aJendance is mandatory to Lectures Tutorials Mid-Term Final Exam ParNcipaNon is opNonal for Office Hours, PASS and BBB 10 Absence Lectures Tutorials. Must document. Check with instructor Must document. Check with TA Must document. Check with instructor Must document. Check with instructor & Registrar's Office Mid-Term Exam. Final Exam Deferred Exam. Check with Registrar's Office 11 DocumentaNon of Absence Doctor's medical cerNficate. Download special form from hJp:// Med_Cert_Carleton_University.pdf Other ways of documenNng an absence: Plane Nckets, passport visas, police report, affidavit from reliable relevant source 12 Academic Integrity Behavior consistent with expectaNons at a professional school in a higher educaNon insNtuNon with regards to In class behavior. Respect of instructor and fellow students. Integrity in the soluNon of tests and exams. 13 L E C T U R E S ...
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