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Today in society “Power” is used in many different ways and forms. Some examples of power in other contexts are knowledge, relationships, and persuasion. Power is used in knowledge through the advantage of knowing more than others to out-smart them when necessary. In relationships, one who has more authority is the one who holds the key power in allowing them to make and finalize any decision in the relationship. Persuasion is also a form of power whether it is used directly, or indirectly to get others to do what you want them to. Some forms of power that are used in our everyday life are being a parent and law enforcement regulations. As parents we must make and set our own rules for our children to follow. We have the power to teach our children right from wrong and make sure they understand that if rules are not followed consequences may occur. Law enforcement regulations are also used to keep and
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Unformatted text preview: maintain order. Without law enforcement and its regulations, society would have much worse problems than expected. Some examples are tickets, citations, fines, penalties, etc. The governments power also makes citizens do things that we do not wish on doing. As citizens we are required to pay taxes. Paying taxes is not ones first priority when trying to run an adequate household. Paying taxes is a burden to some families who barely have enough to put food on the table for their own, much less pay taxes at the end of the year. I believe this form of power is the same in other contexts. Its meaning is basically the same just used in a different form. Tom Sawyer used his own type of power in convincing his friends that whitewashing a fence was fun. No matter how it’s used it’s the meaning of “Power”, in getting somebody or something to do what you want....
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