382-Midterm Review

382-Midterm Review - MGCR 382 Reading Guide Summary for...

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MGCR 382 – Reading Guide Summary for Midterm W12 I. Central Models/Frameworks/Issues/Theories 1. Comparative advantage model (understand and use its key definitions, understand key assumptions, solve numerical and graphical; contrast with absolute advantage, etc…) 2. Porter’s Theory of National Competitive Advantage (and its weaknesses) 3. Primary elements of societal culture 4. Hofstede Model (and its weaknesses) 5. Analyzing versus managing country risk 6. (Sources for) international competitive advantage 7. The four basic international strategies and their relation to international competitive advantage sources; provide example industries and firms 8. The make-buy decision 9. Main international investment theories (Describe and categorize) 10. Motivations for collaboration (collaboration versus vertical integration versus export) 11. Strategic alliances: identify the benefits and limitations and risks; Identify types, scope, and compare joint ventures and other forms of strategic alliances; discuss the forms of management used for strategic alliances. 12. The global commons problem: underlying principles and necessary conditions, examples, and potential solutions; describe its dynamics; the role of property rights systems; what makes governing of international commons different? 13. Interaction between non-triad firms/regions and triad firms/regions and its role in globalization
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382-Midterm Review - MGCR 382 Reading Guide Summary for...

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